The New Year has started with the first of a long string of consecutive weekends of racing. Over the past few years I have trained very specifically for just a few key races, but this year I'm using racing much more as part of my training. The first major target of the year is London Marathon (in 15 weeks). Between now and then I only have 3 weekends without a race. Over the next 15 weeks I'll be racing 7 cross country races, 4 half marathons and one off-road duathlon.

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After a very hectic couple of weeks we are now living in our new house in Eastbourne. We are just now starting to feel a bit more settled and although the house has a lot of work to do, it is starting to feel like home. There has been so much to do that I've not had much of a chance for any training for a few weeks, but now we are settling in here I've managed to start exploring the local trails. Getting up onto the Downs reminded me why we chose this location - it is beautiful up there and absolutely ideal for training.

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After months of stress, setbacks and delays we've finally exchanged contracts on our new house in Eastbourne.It's been a very stressful experience. The whole thing was on the verge of falling through several times and despite trying not to think too much about the new house, we had really set our hearts on it and didn't have any alternative if it fell through. We are so relieved now everything is certain and we can really start to think about our new home.

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RT @UKuncut: Cameron in Pakistan: "rich people there arn't paying much tax, that's not fair" #ukuncut
05/04/2011 12:44:10
#ff here's one for all the #triathlon fans out there. #thriathlete @todd_leckie who we hope will be competing at London 2012 #olympics
25/03/2011 09:45:29
Can't wait for my new specialized stumpjumper HT mountain bike to arrive next week.
20/10/2010 16:06:48
A new Challenge race in the UK mid September next year! Would it be too much to do this and IMUK next year?
21/09/2010 19:18:53
Thinking about main race targets for next year. How does this sound?... London marathon, Ironman UK and South Downs Way 100 mile (run).
16/08/2010 19:33:36

Hey, check out Mat's
personal best times...

5 km 00:17:49
5 miles 00:28:54
10 km 00:36:58
10 miles 01:03:28
half marathon 01:20:37
30 km 02:04:01
marathon 02:59:55
54 miles 08:50:55 (L2B)
100 km 11:35:53
100 miles 20:42:36
145 miles 42:06:00 (GUCR)
24 hours 181.1 km (track)

Olympic Tri 02:18:34
Half Ironman 05:04:21
Ironman Tri 10:49:39