A good week

After the missed swim sessions last week, I made a major breakthough in the swimming this week. The weather has been beautiful and the sea has been calm and clear blue. I managed to swim about a mile in around 30-35 minutes and then went on to make it about 1.5 miles in around 45-50 minutes. The first time I've gone over a mile. I'm now thinking I should be revising my Ironman swim target from 1:30 to something a bit quicker, maybe even as quick as 1:15.

I also feel like I'm making some progress on the bike now, with a good high intensity ride on Tuesday, followed by my longest ever ride on Saturday. I rode to St Tropez and back along the coast, a distance of 80 miles, in just over 4 hours - an average speed of 19.6 mph. Instead of the usual energy gels and bars I tried salted baked potatoes, bannanas and dried figs. My energy levels were much more consistent without the usual highs and lows and I only started to feel low on energy in the last 5 miles. I maintained an average speed of over 20 mph up until the 70 mile point.

this week...

Training time: 14:33
Swimming: 3.52 miles (1:55)
Cycling: 118 miles (6:29)
Running: 33 miles (4:22)
Weights: 2:15
Calories consumed: 27,524
Average weight: 75.5 kg
Average resting HR: 40 bpm

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RT @UKuncut: Cameron in Pakistan: "rich people there arn't paying much tax, that's not fair" http://bit.ly/f4BKUC #ukuncut
05/04/2011 12:44:10
#ff here's one for all the #triathlon fans out there. #thriathlete @todd_leckie who we hope will be competing at London 2012 #olympics
25/03/2011 09:45:29
Can't wait for my new specialized stumpjumper HT mountain bike to arrive next week.
20/10/2010 16:06:48
A new Challenge race in the UK mid September next year! Would it be too much to do this and IMUK next year? http://www.challengehenley.com/
21/09/2010 19:18:53
Thinking about main race targets for next year. How does this sound?... London marathon, Ironman UK and South Downs Way 100 mile (run).
16/08/2010 19:33:36

Hey, check out Mat's
personal best times...

5 km 00:17:49
5 miles 00:28:54
10 km 00:36:58
10 miles 01:03:28
half marathon 01:20:37
30 km 02:04:01
marathon 02:59:55
54 miles 08:50:55 (L2B)
100 km 11:35:53
100 miles 20:42:36
145 miles 42:06:00 (GUCR)
24 hours 181.1 km (track)

Olympic Tri 02:18:34
Half Ironman 05:04:21
Ironman Tri 10:49:39